Monday, September 29, 2008

New Facebook Tools for Galvanizing Youth Vote

Young voters could be the key to the November 4th elections, yet 25% are still not registered as the deadline looms just a few weeks away in most states.
Fortunately, Facebook now has new VoterTools* that its users can add to their Profile Page so they can galvanize their friends to vote. This newest utility (in the Facebook Application Directory) offers all the tools a citizen might need to vote anywhere in the USA:
1. Voter Registration applications
2. Absentee Ballot applications
3. Polling Place Locator
These free Voter Tools have been made possible through a public interest partnership between Facebook and the StateDemocracy Foundation. The tools have long been available for use by visitors to the Foundation's website, and are also available as widgets to add to any other website.
FaceBook is one of the most popular social networking websites. It has nearly 30 million young users -- representing some 60% of the 50 million Americans ages 18 to 30.
Online civic engagement has never been easier! Don't delay… open a Facebook account today, and help galvanize all your good friends into good citizens!
Ken Laureys
Executive Director
StateDemocracy Foundation
* (see:

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