Friday, February 20, 2009


UMass trustees are expected to vote on a $1,500 fee increase for in-state undergraduate students. With the five-campus university system facing a $100 million shortfall in state funding in the coming fiscal year, trustees on the finance committee have advanced a proposal to raise average fees to $11,048 from $9,548. UMass President Jack Wilson said students could receive a rebate if the state funding is replaced with federal stimulus aid. “This increase is designed to preserve academic quality and to ensure stability, but if federal dollars can be substituted for student dollars, we will eagerly rebate some or all of this increase,” Wilson said in a statement. The stimulus carries a $2,500 tuition tax credit. The 15 percent increase in fees comes after a five-year policy to keep fee hikes below or at the rate of inflation that was tied to stable funding from the state. The trustees’ agenda also includes a Master’s and PhD in mathematics at UMass-Dartmouth and appointments of tenure at the Amherst, Boston and Worcester campuses.

(Friday, 9 am, Woodland Commons Center, 285 Westport Rd., North Dartmouth)

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