Tuesday, March 17, 2009

EVENT---Clean Technologies: How Things work

Oil shale conversion technologies continue to advance at a rapid pace, providing a more economically viable, environmentally responsible way to develop this abundant domestic energy resource. Join us this Friday, March 20, at 10 a.m. Mountain, and hear from two companies now operating on the leading edge of oil shale development.

This one-hour technology briefing will be conducted live via internet "webinar," so you can listen from the comfort of your own office via computer and phone line. Topics and presenters include:

"Shell's In Situ Process"
James Thurman, Manager, Regulatory Policy, Shell Unconventional Resources

"Environmental Alternative Fuels"
Dr. Laura Nelson, Vice President, Energy and Environment, Red Leaf Resources/EcoShale
How to Participate
This webinar is offered at no charge by the Western Business Roundtable, but you must register to participate. Go here to register. Information on how to participate will be e-mailed to you upon your successful registration. Please contact Michelle Hindmarch at mhindmarch@westernroundtable.com if you have questions.

More Information
All of the Roundtable's webinars in the "Clean Technologies: How Things Work" series will be recorded and made available on the Roundtable's website (www.westernroundtable.com). If you would like to have the recorded link to the webinar sent to you automatically, please e-mail Michelle Hindmarch at mhindmarch@westernroundtable.com.

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