Sunday, November 23, 2008

PRESS RELEASE: Sunday, Nov. 23---Real WorldLatin America: A Contemporary Economics and Social Policy Reader

We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest title, *Real World
Latin America: A Contemporary Economics and Social Policy Reader*.

Looking for diverse perspectives to explain the profound economic and social
transformations taking place in Latin America? Real World Latin America
brings together the best recent reporting on the region from *Dollars &
Sense* and *NACLA Report on the Americas*.

Forty-five well-researched and clearly-written articles will give students a
thorough introduction to Latin American economic policies, including the
region's changing political maps, the hidden costs of development, struggles
for human rights, international trade deals, and the role of the United
States in the region.

Chapters on social movements and alternative forms of production document
the grassroots challenges to the Washington Consensus that are rising from
Argentine factory shop-floors, Venezuelan cooperatives, Oaxacan schoolrooms,
and elsewhere. Further chapters look at the impact of migration on home
countries and diasporan communities, and the challenges of responsible
environmental stewardship.

*Praise for Real World Latin America:*

The editors of *Dollars & Sense* and *NACLA Report on the Americas* have
done us a great service. This is a timely collection of essays,
sophisticated yet highly readable analysis of the most pressing issues
facing Latin America today. The book is ideally suited for undergraduate
courses on the region, and will be of interest to a broader readership as

—Eric Hershberg, President, Latin American Studies Association

Latin America is on the move, finding its way towards new approaches to
economic development with social justice. *Real World Latin
America*provides a compelling picture of change, political conflict,
and the real
stakes involved in the region. It is a valuable guide to the contemporary
history of the present, inviting readers to stay tuned for more to come.

—Michael A Cohen, Director of the International Affairs Program, New School

This is a timely and invaluable overview of current political, economic,
social and cultural dynamics in Latin America. It brings together an
impressive array of experts who write in a concise and accessible manner on
a wide range of topics that define the current Latin American and
hemispheric reality. Here the reader will find analysis and context for
making sense of today's headlines. I cannot imagine a more important
collection for classroom use and for readers from the general public
interested in understanding contemporary Latin America.

—William I. Robinson, Professor of Sociology, Global Studies, and Latin
American Studies, University of California at Santa Barbara, and
author of *Latin
America and Global Capitalism*

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