Thursday, November 13, 2008

Viewzi As A Research Tool For Radio?

Almost two years ago, we started with a question: "Does one size fit all?"
We've since spent that time exploring whether there is more than one way to look at search. We've also spoken to lots of people about how they see information now and more importantly how they'd like to see it.

My name is Giovanni Gallucci and I work at a Dallas-based company called "Viewzi" ( I just want to introduce you to Viewzi. We have found that journalists and educators alike have taken quite a fancy to us for all kinds of rich media searches on the web.

What do we do and why do you care? We built Viewzi, a new type of search engine that is well-suited for web research and pop culture searches. This product isn't just a "techie" website. It is specifically geared towards all kinds of general interest research. Viewzi provides Internet users a way to visually experience the best results for celebrity, music, news/weather, pop culture, recipes and top search engines as text, picture, music, and video results to make search more fun.

The Viewzi Difference
Have a peek at the difference between traditional search engines and Viewzi Views:

Viewzi delivers search results as "views", uniquely designed to showcase different types of content such as music, video and photos as well as topics including news, weather, shopping, and gadgets – all in an a highly interactive and visual way. At present, Viewzi provides users eighteen unique views.

Give Us A Try
I'd be thankful if you would have a look at this to see if it's something you'd use for web research when doing story prep. Is it that good? Yes. This new site truly represents the future of search. Viewzi is not simply a search engine, but a search platform able to morph into any number of user interfaces using any number of different data sources as the situation calls for.

Viewzi, Inc.
2301 North Greenville Avenue,
Suite 270
Richardson, TX, 75082 USA

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