Thursday, October 16, 2008

PRESS RELEASE: The Interview People

This week we're happy to offer you interviews with three world known music acts: Tracy Chapman, Anastacia & Oasis (Noel Gallagher).Visit our website and listen to sample quotes, take a guided tour and experience this fascinating tool for radio editors.Please call or write us if you need any assistance.Of course you find all interviews to download on our

INTERVIEWS – all cut with Q&A transcripts, ready to use!

with Tracy Chapman on growing up, looking back on 20 years of her career and the new album (25 mp3 – takes)

with Anastacia on being married, not going to clubs and using Botox (20 mp3 – takes)

with Noel Gallagher (Oasis) on his family and the new album (30 mp3 – takes)

with Leonardo DiCaprio on art and politics (18 mp3 – takes),

with Russell Crowe on his kids, his band, rugby and Leonardo DiCaprio (14 mp3 – takes),

with Richard Gere on Tibet, China and his wife (9 mp3 – takes)

with Billy Bob Thornton on Sarah Palin, women, and hating his job (29 mp3 – takes)

with Noel Gallagher on the new album "Dig Out Your Soul", his family, being yourself in spite of the critics and politics (30 mp3 – takes)

with Mike Skinner on his new album, discipline, youth culture and modern life (19 mp3 – takes),

with George Clooney on fame, money and Oscars (5 mp3 – takes),

with Mickey Rourke on hard years, paralyzed wrestlers and his friendship to Bruce Springsteen (12 mp3 – takes),

with Daniel Radcliffe on girlfriends, kisses and his fans (25 mp3 – takes),

with Antonio Banderas on Melanie Griffith and horse riding (3 mp3 – takes),

with Drew Barrymore on her humour and asking questions about her life (3 mp3 – takes),

with Kirk Hammett on 80's revival, fatherhood and attraction of death (18 mp3 – takes)

with Selma Blair on fake breasts and feeling older than she is (22 mp3 – takes)

with Emma Roberts revealing everything on her teenage actress life (28 mp3 – takes)

with Heath Ledger on fatherhood and passion for movies (25 mp3 – takes)

with George Lucas on Untitled Star Wars TV series and his poster collection (20 mp3 – takes)

with Madonna on past, present and future (6 mp3 – takes)

with Penelope Cruz on her career (13 mp3 – takes)

with Ne-Yo on his home, his mother and independent women (25 mp3 – takes)

with Brendan Fraser on his kids and expensive hobbies (about 20 mp3 – takes)

with Michelle Yeoh on language problems and stage fright (29 mp3 – takes)

with Jet Li on never fighting in real life and stop doing movies (15 mp3 – takes)

with Colin Firth on his music style and the typical Brit (23 mp3 – takes)

with Xzibit on losing a child and god (26 mp3 – takes)

with David Duchovny on conspiracies and not being able to cook (6 mp3 – takes)

with Jakob Dylan on his father and his own music (27 mp3 – takes)

with Jason Bateman on fighting for a girl-friend (9 mp3 – files)

with Cyndi Lauper on being compared to Madonna and sucking at business (38 mp3 – tales)

with Gillian Anderson about the X-Files 2 and turning 40 (23 mp3 – takes)

with Meryl Streep on not being that fit and preparing for the movie on the closet (17 mp3 – takes)

with Pierce Brosnan on not coming back as James Bond and shooting movies far away from his family (24 mp3 – takes)

with Mike Myers on the most important thing that everybody should learn in life and about his dad (8 mp3 – takes)

with Justin Timberlake on the perfect song to serenade a lady and his personal definition of luck (13 mp3 – takes)

with Charlize Theron on food, work out, and the new movie "Hancock", (17 mp3 – takes)

with Will Smith on his wife and kids and his ambitions to become first black president (26 mp3 – takes)

with James McAvoy on kissing Angelina Jolie and many more (15 mp3 - takes)

with Supermodel Gisele Buendchen about what to wear this summer (11 mp3 – takes),

with Country Legend Emmylou Harris about her new album and how she cares about homeless dogs (28 mp3 – takes),

with Ex-Vice President of the US, Al Gore, on climate change and his private life (12 mp3 – takes),

with Guy Berryman on the making-of the album, writing under hypnosis rather than drugs, about working with Brian Eno and many more, (28 mp3 – takes)

with George Clooney on politics, why he's doing commercials and about his close friend Renée Zellweger,

with Noodles on punk rock, his little son, the joy of being at home, and why he feels bad for Britney Spears (19 mp3 - takes),

with Angelina Jolie on her new movies, her love to Europe and her children (9 mp3 - takes)

with Alanis Morissette on chaotic times, leadership and abortion (10 mp3 – takes)

with Sarah Jessica Parker on love, family and a lot more (23 mp3 - takes)

and many more: Beyonce Knowles, Cameron Diaz, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Patrick Dempsey, Usher, Susan Sarandon, Jim Sturgess, Katherine Heigl, Penelope Cruz, Morgan Freeman, Bryan Adams and a lot more..

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