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PRESS RELEASE: Pledge Against Gun Violence Day---Teaching Kids About Non-Violent Communication

OCTOBER 22: Students Pledge Against Gun Violence Day.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

* 2,827 children and teens died as a result of gun violence in 2003 more than the number of American fighting men and women killed in hostile action in Iraq from 2003 to April 2006
* In 2003, 56 preschoolers were killed by firearms, compared to 52 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty
* More 10- to 19-year-olds die from gunshot wounds than from any other cause except motor vehicle accidents

To help prevent gun violence, non-violent communication is urged to be taught in schools.Research has shown when these practices are put to use, educators reported fewer conflicts and when conflicts did arise there was an increased skill in mediating them. Trained in compassionate communication, author Christopher Aslanbelieves in teaching this concept to children early in life. His first book in a series, Lilly and Lucy's Shadow, addresses fear- how to face it and overcome it.

To interview Mr. Aslan or to receive a review copy, please feel free to contact me. Press release is included below.

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Lilly and Lucy's Shadow by Christopher Aslan

Spirituality and self-empowerment have exploded in popularity in the 21st century. Research firm Marketdata estimates the 'self improvement' market is worth $8.5 billion in 2003 — including infomercials, mail-order catalogs, holistic institutes, books, audio cassettes, motivational speaker seminars, the personal coaching market, and stress-management programs. The total market size is projected to grow to over $11 billion by the end 2008.
Author Christopher Aslan is on an inspired mission to offer this same search for self in a form that can be shared with the children in a simple and heartfelt way. He writes insightful picture books that express universal themes that both adults and kids can enjoy together. Now the $11 billion market has something to bring home to their children.
Aslan penned Lilly and Lucy's Shadow, asa fun and easy way to bridge the gap between everyday life and the seriousness of self-discovery and empowerment.
As adults worldwide are tuning into their 'inner-selves,' these beautiful messages can sometimes get lost in complicated jargon and concepts, making it difficult to explain or share with children. There are so many great teachings out there right now, these are like little companions to share the awareness and connect with our self at the same time.
Through his own personal shifts and often challenging path of self discovery it became clear to Aslan that everything was about to change. As many things dropped away and doors began to close, he decided to make a drastic career change and pursued his vision of bringing these stories into the world. With no money, no experience, and being a person who could barely spell, he began a new chapter and courages journey. The result is Lilly and Lucy's Shadow, the first in a series of seven books to come.
Lilly and Lucy's Shadow tells the story of two young girls introduced to their shadows while playing in the park one day. Instead of running away from their fears, Lilly and Lucy find it within themselves to muster their inner courage and face their fear of shadows.

Lilly and Lucy's Shadow touches on universal themes, such as:

* Unconditional love * Compassion
* Whole self accpetence
* Forgiveness of self and others
* 'Shadow Voices': listening to your heart
* Courage to face fear and doubt

Lilly and Lucy's Shadow is a delightful little tale for anyone at any age, where timeless wisdom resides between the lines. "Fear and doubt isn't so scary after all. Just shine the light of compassionate awareness on it!" adds Aslan. "Facing pain, blame, judgments and self criticism with love and understanding brings peace and joy. Compassion is the key, we're all just practicing here..."

About the author
Christopher Aslan is the writer/creative director, and President of Benjamin Brown books. After years of studying awareness practices with different teachers of Buddhists or Zen backgrounds and getting trained in compassionate communication, Aslan took a risk and against many odds and started his own company. Besides writing and running his company he loves to read and share his stories with children and adults as often as he can.

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