Thursday, October 30, 2008

PRESS RELEASE: Thursday, Oct. 30---MySpace/NBC/WSJ Poll of New and Lapsed Voters


Wednesday, October 29th

Here are some of the highlights of the poll findings:

· Obama has support of 69% of this voting bloc.

· This bloc makes up 13% of the total electorate.

· 70% of these voters are extremely interested in the election and are likely voters.

· At this level of support among new and lapsed voters, even if Obama only won half of all other voters (those who DID vote in 2004), he would win the presidency with 52.5% of the vote.

· In fact, his support among all other voters could drop as low as 47.3%, and he would still win the presidency with 50.1% of the total vote based on the support of new and lapsed voters. (This is based on popular vote, not necessarily Electoral College).

Thus, if these voters actually come out to the polls, then their support will secure a win for Obama.

· 64% of these voters say no matter who wins, the country will be better off in 4 years.

· Desired agenda for the next administration are big picture items, like: Good jobs, fixing Wall Street, lowering healthcare costs, insurance for more Americans, Iraq, and lowering the federal deficit.

· This voting bloc is optimistic about the future, even if they overwhelmingly think the country is currently on the wrong path.

· This voting bloc thinks the current economic crisis is the fault of numerous groups (ie not just Wall Street, but also Congress, Bush, homeowners, etc)

· Download the full poll results here.

· Blog: Interpreting the numbers
by Lee Brenner, Executive Producer of Political Programming & Director of MySpace IMPACT.

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