Thursday, October 16, 2008

PRESS RELEASE: Election Fever: Who's Hot-Literally

Survey Sheds Light on Who's Hot - Literally - Heading into the 2008 Presidential Election's Presidential Dateability Survey Indicates That
Barack's Hot, McCain's Not, and Sarah's Anything But Pale

NEW YORK CITY (October 16, 2008) - If the winner of the Presidential election was determined by one-night stand potential, Barack Obama would be seated in the White House, with Sarah Palin as West Wingwoman. A recent on-line survey conducted by, the global leader in singles events, saw voters cast their ballots regarding which presidential candidate they would most want to date, have a beer with, and have a one night stand with, among other categories.

"The survey produced some surprising and entertaining responses that reveal which candidate is likeable on a more personal level," says Lisa Caroline Leung, a spokesperson for "As far as our members are concerned, if elections were based on 'likeability' and were up to the ladies, Obama would take the election; left up to the men, it would be Sarah Palin in the White House!"

Results from's election survey include:

Quickie Love - A whopping 71.8% of women would rather have a one-night stand with Obama over McCain. One respondent commented "A one-night stand is just about all he's good for. . ."

In fact, 70.9% of women find Obama "sexier" than McCain.

Daddy Dearest - While 61.2% of women would rather set their mother up with Obama, 54.9% of men would rather it be McCain doing the wooing. "I [would] want my mom to have a little fun!" wrote one participant.

When it comes down to who would make the best father figure, 63% of men thought McCain would do a better job, while 53% of women chose Obama.

Beer Buddies - The majority of men would rather have a beer with Obama (55.1%) over McCain (44.9%). Interestingly, voter reasoning parried between who would tell better drunk stories versus who would be more entertaining to watch while drunk.

My Boyfriend's Back - When asked what kind of boyfriend they thought the candidates would be, 32.8% of women thought McCain would be "territorial," followed by "steady, stable and reliable" (28.4%), with "sneaky" taking third place at 22%.

In contrast, women imagined Obama would be "steady, stable and reliable" (28.9%), with "clingy" and "caring and sensitive" almost on par with each other at 21.5% and 20.4%, respectively.

Girlfriend Material - When asked what type of girlfriend they thought she would be, 23.5% of men thought Sarah Palin would be "steady, stable and reliable," followed by "territorial" and "spontaneous and exciting."

Men were additionally asked to describe their attraction towards Palin:
36.2% of men find Palin "Attractive - in that powerful, confident way"
28% of men find her "Not attractive - just not my type"
25.8% of men say Palin is "Hot - she turns me on!"
9.9% of men think "No way - she is opposite of my definition of attractive"

One man commented, "Palin is very hot, and if she were younger, unmarried with no children, and lived in New York I would date her."

Open to both members and non-members, the 10-question survey was conducted to find out the country's opinions regarding some of the lighter sociological aspects affecting candidate preference. The survey, which offered different questions for men and women, ran for 10 days beginning on October 4, and attracted responses from more than 1,000 participants across the country.

Results are summarized below; for complete results (20 questions + responses and quotable comments) or demographic information, please contact Lisa Caroline Leung.

Lisa Caroline Leung
1 800 406 0832
917 545 8352
416 840 9945
FastLife International

results table

For further information or to request an interview, please contact Lisa Caroline Leung toll-free at 1 800 406 0832 or 416 840 9945, by cell at 917 545 8352, or by email at To contact Justin Parfitt, CEO and Founder of FastLife international, please call 1 800 406 0832.

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